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Long Yin Dubai
Call to Reserve: +971 4 702 2455
Recreating the rich culinary diversity from the vast topography of China, Long Yin extends the timeless legacy of the far East to Dubai. Deeply rooted in gastronomic traditions, the offerings at Long Yin are a harmonious blend of flavours that are exquisite yet comforting.

Showcasing authentic Cantonese and Sichuan fare, the menu at Long Yin appeals to all epicureans from fine dining connoisseurs to lovers of traditional Chinese cuisine. The culinary wizards have journeyed across the landscape of Asia to source specialty ingredients from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to recreate delicacies from one of the world's most ancient gastronomy. Reflecting the diversity of Asian cultures, signature offerings include the painstakingly prepared aromatic crispy duck, pecking duck and the insta-worthy prawn wasabi plated on a bed of lush fruits that creates a treat for the senses. Notable among the offerings are the chicken crispy noodles with sautéed prawns in hot chill bean sauce, XO seafood fried rice, hamour with soy sauce and Vietnamese-style sweet and sticky wok-fried beef cubes that tingles the palate with its expertly balanced flavours. Chinese cuisine aficionados can enjoy Long Yin's famous beef Mongolian tinged with the heat of black pepper and garlic, Sichuan -style chicken and prawn siu mai with spicy undertones, as well as relish the comforting flavours of chicken dim sum soup that take inspiration from classical recipes and ancient techniques.

Celebrating the ancient tradition of dim sums enjoyed at reunions and get-togethers, Long Yin boasts of a dedicated menu featuring 34 distinct varieties of steamed and fried dim sums. Prepared using a combination of the finest cuts of meat and the freshest catch of the day, guests can enjoy watching chefs create the craft of innovative dim sum artistry through the open kitchen. Live seafood tanks allow guests at Long Yin to select their choice of crabs, lobsters and a variety of crustaceans, have it cooked to their preference and enjoy a dining experience unlike any other.

Long Yin's cozy atmosphere highlighted by natural dark wood paneling, adorned with traditional terra cotta warrior figurines, imperial art, and authentic flavours set the stage for guests to journey through China's exceptional culinary heritage.
  • Location
  • Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre Airport Road, Dubai 10001
  • Opening Hours:
Operation Timings 

Lunch: 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM (Last Order 02:45 PM) 

Dinner: 06:00 PM - 12:30 AM (Last Order 11:45 PM)



Chef George Chee
Armed with over 3 decades of culinary experience, Chef George Chee’s journey with Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre began as Executive Chef in 2006. Chef George’s professional journey is as diverse as his culinary skills as he has headed kitchen operations at renowned addresses across his home country, Hong Kong, as well as Canada, Taiwan and Dubai. An expert at Pecking and Cantonese cuisine, Chef Chee’s culinary style is deeply rooted in gastronomic traditions of China with subtle references to contemporary flavors.

A master in the craft of innovative dim sum artistry, he has revived the ancient Chinese tradition of dim sums at Long Yin since leading kitchen operations. Using the finest produce and premium cuts of meat, Chef George has created a dedicated menu featuring 34 distinct varieties of steamed and fried dim sums that are a harmonious blend of exquisite yet comforting flavours.
Drawing inspiration from age-old practices and traditional specialties, his culinary expertise is perfectly reflected in Long Yin’s curated menu where diners enjoy authentic Cantonese and Szechuan fare. Highlighting the diversity of Asian cultures, his signature dishes include pecking duck, aromatic crispy duck, Long Yin’s famous beef Mongolian tinged with the heat of black pepper and prawn siu mai with its inimitable spicy undertones.

Retaining traditional preparation techniques, Chef George’s culinary masterpieces highlight the timeless legacy of the Far East, delighting patrons at Long Yin with an authentic experience unlike any other.